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Scientific Publications

Publications of the Neuroscience Lab

Mastrogiorgio A., Zaninotto F., Maggi F., Ricciardi E., Lattanzi N. & Malizia P. A. (2021). Enhancing Organizational Memory Through Virtual Memoryscapes: Does It Work?. Frontiers in Psychology, 12.

Di Gruttola F., Malizia P. A., D'Arcangelo S., Lattanzi N., Ricciardi E., Orfei M.D. (2021). The Relation Between Consumers' Frontal Alpha Asymmetry, Attitude, and Investment Decision. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 14: 577978

Selected publications of the Neuroscience Lab researchers relevant by research activities

Mastrogiorgio A. (2021), Vigor and aspiration levels in neuroeconomics, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 44, E129.

Malizia, P. A. & Mastrogiorgio, A. (2021). The Cognitive-Emotional interactions in the brain: an organizational neuroscience perspective. In Cristofaro M., Emotion, Cognition and Their Marvellous Interplay in Managerial Decision Making, Cambridge Scholars.

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